"I love you as certain dark things are to be
loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul." - Pablo Neruda




51st Illustration West Competition

On Monday, december 24th, I found out that two pieces were accepted into
The 51st Illustration West Competition
from the Society of Illustrators LA.

Love is blind
The great way to end a tough year.


Four Seasons

They stare at me, while I crave you.

Like the night, on a warm summer's night,
all I want to do is hold on.
Ran away, to be found lost.

When abandoned to skeleton,
I remember to stand like lady liberty.


Papi (unfinished)

As I painted this portrait, I caught glimpses of me
my brows
My abuela, and her fair dark strands
My abuelo, and his grin
The greatest man in my life.




The Rapture

Sensation that crawls on and through,
everlasting like a plague of bricks,
dejavu slips sudden.


Written Words

Soo many words, soo randomly in and through my mind and thoughts.
Driving me to clouds,
sometimes sun rays behind it,
sometimes rays of rage in it.
These real feelings ever rarely reality; 
I needed to find a home for them
to refuge.

...And I feel
a little better already.